Our awards program BCS Points Plus, can be accessed from a direct link when you have logged into online banking. Choose ‘BCS Points Plus’ from the ‘Services’ menu. You may need to create a user ID if it is your first attempt.

No, the available balance or current balance on your credit card is not available from an ATM.

The most common reason is the CAPS lock – the password field is case sensitive. Contact the credit union to reset your access.

Our Membership Info page will tell you how to qualify for membership.

The first $250 of a day’s total ATM deposits is available immediately. The rest will be held until the end of business on the second business day, including the day of deposit.

Click here for our locations, hours and contact phone numbers.

If you moved and didn’t provide us an address change directly, we are probably holding your mail and trying to contact you for a correct address. Checking and Visa statements are sent monthly, all other accounts receive quarterly statements.

You can contact a staff member to place your order, or do it online by clicking ‘Re-Order checks’ under the ‘Member Services’ heading (checking tab) on our website.

We require a signed address change; Visit our Contact page to contact BCSCU staff and request a form. We will not forward mail until we have received an address change directly from you.

Contact us for the phone numbers and website links to report lost/stolen cards.


Yes, download our free app on the Google Play or Apple Store by searching BCSCU.